Increase in shootings worries some in Lawrence

LAWRENCE, Kan. (KSNT)  –  The city of Lawrence has had an uptick in shootings this week. Lawrence Police were called to a shooting at Playerz Sports Bar Friday night. This was the fourth shooting in five days.

“There’s usually a violent crime about once a year in Lawrence,” said Daniel Bear.

Bear has worked as a bartender in downtown Lawrence for more than five years and has lived in Lawrence for the past 20 years. He said crime is usually not an issue he has to worry about.

“It’s not something I’m not personally scared of but I do worry for some of my coworkers absolutely,” said Bear.

Lawrence Police said the man injured in Friday night’s shooting is expected to be okay. Sadly, others weren’t quite as lucky. A one-year-old girl was killed after an accidental shooting Friday morning. This is the second shooting death this week.

“You just hear way too much of it on the news. Shootings and robberies and all that kind of stuff and it really makes you worry,” said Laura Chaney.

Chaney has live in Lawrence her entire life and hoped to raise her kids in the safe community she grew up in. However, she said she’s worried about what she sees happening in her hometown.

“I feel like this town is growing and with growing communities and cities the crime just gets worse,” said Chaney.

Lawrence Police have not said that any of these shootings are related. They are still investigating the shooting at Playerz. If you have any information please contact the Crime Stoppers of Lawrence and Douglas County.

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