Stormont Vail hosts families, staff, pediatric cancer patients for day of fun

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – It was a room full of smiles. Just kids, being kids. That was precisely Stormont Vail’s goal Saturday afternoon.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and the staff at Stormont Vail decided to do something special for their pediatric cancer patients.

That’s why they hosted an event at the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center for patients, families and staff.

Youmna Othman, a pediatric oncologist at the hospital said the event was meant to show both children, and the staff that see them every day, a brighter side.

“When they’re sick, when they’re tired, when they’re not feeling good, they’re getting chemotherapy, they’re having procedures done, they’re cranky, whatever you wanna call it but, now you walk in and they’re just kids.” Othman said.

The goal was make kids feel normal, just for a day. To help them forget about their treatment for a few hours and bond with the people giving them care.

Othman said, “When you walk in the kids are just having fun, running around, and they’re having a blat, which is the whole point … I had one of my patient’s mothers come in and say, ‘You can’t tell which kid had cancer and which kid didn’t.’ and I said, ‘That’s the whole point.'”


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