Witness to north Topeka triple murder tells what happened inside the house

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)– The second day of the preliminary hearing for the three murders that happened on March 12, 2017 had a witness take the stand who is a defendant in the case.

Richard Folsom was arrested in connection with the murders for identity theft, interference with law enforcement officers, and a Texas warrant for burglary.

Folsom told the court on Tuesday he was with Joseph Krahn and they went to a gas station to get a soda when they saw Kora Liles. Folsom said he did not know Liles, but Krahn did.

He said that Liles and Krahn were brokering a deal for a shotgun that was in his car. He later he told the court it would be for drug money along with a watch he had. They then went to the house at 115 NW Grant St., which is Liles’ house.

He said after he went inside the house, he stepped outside saw Joseph Lowry working on a car. He said he saw him with a gun in his hand. Folsom said Lowry told him that, “If you don’t want to be involved, go inside.” He said he went back inside the house.

Folsom said that is when Matthew Leavitt and Shane Mays showed up to the house. Day one of the preliminary trial, KSNT News learned that Leavitt and Mays were going to the house to pick up Nicole Fisher. He said that he had no idea what Lowry was talking about, but didn’t want to be a part of anything so he went back inside.

Folsom told the court that Mays, Leavitt and Fisher walked right by him and were all taken straight downstairs. He said he, “Just wanted to get out of there.”

He said he heard a female voice downstairs that was not Liles, asking, “Why are you doing this?” That voice was later learned to be Nicole Fisher.

He told the court that he and Krahn left the house on Grant St. and went to another house where they were playing pool. While they were there, Krahn got a phone call and told the person he was talking to that he would be there in ten minutes.

Krahn asked Folsom to give him a ride and as they were driving, he realized they were going back to the house on Grant St. He said he parked in the alley and waited outside for Krahn for about an hour.

He saw Luke Davis walking up to the house who Folsom has known since Davis was in middle school. He said he told Davis he thought something was going on and he should leave, but Davis went anyways.

Folsom said he was tired of waiting outside on Krahn, so he went inside the house. When he went inside the house he said he saw Lowry bringing Fisher, Mays and Leavitt back upstairs and Krahn told everyone to sit down and, “shut up unless spoken to.”

He said he saw Krahn put a trash bag over Fisher’s head for about 30 seconds and took it off. He said Davis was kneeling next to a love seat couch and Krahn moved him to a, “spinny chair,” and Krahn was saying he was going to kill everyone.

He said Krahn tied Davis up on the chair, but he broke free and headed for the door. That’s when Krahn jumped for Davis, strangled him with an extension cord, and grabbed his knife to stab him. Folsom said after Krahn killed Davis, he just left him on the floor.

While all of this was going on, Folsom said Mays was pleading for his life. Krahn told Mays if he killed someone, he could live. That’s when Folsom said he saw Mays put a bag on Fisher’s head, but took it back off. He said Krahn then put the bag back on her head.

“She didn’t even fight, it was sad,” Folsom said about Fisher when the bag was put on her head.

Folsom said Leavitt wasn’t offered, “the same deal” as Mays to kill someone and live because Liles was saying Leavitt had raped her.

Folsom told the court Krahn put a bag on Leavitt’s head and, “strangled him with anything he could get his hands on.” Folsom said Leavitt and Mays were crying, praying to God, begging not to die. He said that after Krahn strangled Leavitt, he quit fighting and he was limp.

After Leavitt was killed, Folsom told the court Krahn had a smile on his face and he heard him tell Mays, “Welcome to the elites, you’re one of the few who gets to see me kill and live.” Folsom said he left the house after Leavitt was killed.

Folsom said he didn’t go to the police right away to tell them what he saw because he was scared of Krahn.

The trial will continue on September 27 for the third day.


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