Birth & Women’s Center cutting back

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The Birth & Women’s Center in Topeka is closing as a licensed birth center through the state of Kansas, but workers are not closing their doors for good. They will be moving to a new location and will be a home birth facility, have gynecology care, home and clinic births and women’s primary care.

This is all happening due to struggling finances and lack of nurse-midwives. The center will not renew their license, meaning insurance will not cover the costs of the facility fee.

Starting in October, workers will see fewer patients and have only two nurse-midwives on site. The center currently helps nine to 12 women a month, beginning October 1st, that number will go down to five.

“It’s such a huge loss. Partly our influence was to provide choice for women,” certified nurse-midwife, Jodi Blair said. “It just made the rest of the community aware that there are women out there who want a low risk option and want low intervention options.”

Staff will be moving to a new location in December. The center’s new name will be Immanuel Birth Company and have the same services.

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