Most unique Airbnb you’ve seen – just west of Topeka

ESKRIDGE, Kan. (KSNT) – Your next vacation get away doesn’t have to be hundreds of miles away.

Just 25 miles west of Topeka buried in the Flint Hills, a couple has made it possible for anyone to stay underground – in a place that will blow you away.

It’s the bomb – if you ask Matthew and Leigh Ann Fulkerson.

“It’s very fascinating to most people anyway, they’re like, ‘An underground bunker? That’s awesome,’” Leigh Ann said.

They’re the hosts that have made it possible through Air BNB for anyone to stay in what used to be a nuclear missile base.

“It was de-commissioned, scrapped out and left abandoned for 20 years before Ed Peden found it and converted it into his own home,” Matthew said.

Recently the Fulkerson’s talked their good friend Ed into turning his underground mansion, called Subterra Castle into a booming business – and it’s taken off.

“We’ve met so many people, from Washington D.C. from New York, even from China.”

Right now six people can stay at the property at one time. There’s multiple different rooms, kitchen area, and even a hot tub.

Staying there is affordable, not much more than a night’s stay at a hotel.

One area once held an atomic bomb, but now that the bomb’s away – it’s a gym.

Guests who stay here will meet the Fulkerson’s. They’ll be given tours, learn about local places to eat and visit, or they can pay a little extra to have Leigh Ann cook a homemade meal. At night guests can spend time stargazing.

Other than the owner Ed, no one knows this place better than them. In fact, it’s where the Fulkerson’s became the Fulkerson’s.

“Apparently I made an impression on somebody.”Leigh Ann said.

A match made in a missile base – a couple who found love and a living, in a piece of history.

Click HERE to make a reservation.


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