Man shot by police remembered as a father

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — A grandmother to Dominique White’s children remembers him as a loving father despite his mistakes. He was shot after wrestling with police Thursday.

Jenette Poore knew Dominique White since he was 5-years-old. She is recovering from the news of his death.

“The hardest time I’m having is how bad did it hurt him before he was gone?” Poore said. “What were his last thoughts? Did he think of his boys?”

Poore remembers when White and her daughter, Veronica Lammer, had their first child together. She said he was a proud parent.

“Seeing him just sitting there, just watching this baby,” she said. “And I thought, he’s a good daddy.”

White leaves four sons behind. Three of the children are Poore’s grandchildren.

“My grandsons are now going to grow up without their daddy at all,” Poore said.

She admitted White had problems, but she remembers his sense of humor above those mistakes.

White was released from prison, on parole, earlier this year. Poore’s sister, Jodi Grabauskas, believes he ran from police to keep from going back to prison.

“He ran so he wouldn’t go away for good, and now he’s gone away for good,” she said.

Topeka Police said White reached for a gun in his pocket while running away from two officers after a scuffle. The Lawrence Police Department is investigating the shooting.

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