Vigil held for man shot by police

TOPEKA, Kan. – (KSNT) People who knew Dominique White shared their memories of him at a vigil in Ripley Park where police shot him after he wrestled with two officers.

White’s father, Kelly White, said he is grateful for the community’s support.

“Every parent wants to know that their child was loved,” White said.

He said the family wants a special investigator to take over the Lawrence Police Department’s investigation into the shooting.

“Even if it is Douglas County, it’s still the police policing the police,” White said.

White said the family believes police may be able to prevent shootings like the one that killed his son. He said he wants to spread the message that police could rely more on non-lethal force.

“Just to bring that awareness out that there may be some more training that the Topeka Police or police departments around the United States need to have,” he said.

The Lawrence Police Department” took over the investigation from Topeka police to avoid internal conflicts.

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