Taekwondo instructor helps kids get excited about STEM

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Chip McClellan is a Topeka Taekwondo instructor at Legacy ATA. He’s going into local classrooms to help kids get excited about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math or STEM. Most recently, he spent two days at Topeka Collegiate School.

“Some kids don’t really get excited or passionate about those type of things but they understand sports and physical activity,” said McClellan. “It was nice to be able to connect those two and say sports and science can be hand-in-hand.”

McClellan has the students do everything from running exercises to breaking boards to connect physical exercise and STEM.

“We were doing a pushing motion and learning how to break boards,” said McClellan. “I was teaching weight times speed can help increase the power.”

Getting kids away from their desks could be the solution to getting them interested in stem based careers.

“It gets kids excited about STEM in a different way than maybe they wouldn’t think of,” said Topeka Collegiate School Development Director Brianna Jackson. “A lot of people think of just science experiments or just doing computer games… and this gets them excited, the ones who are really athletically inclined.”

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