Limo driver saving lives thousands of miles away

LAWRENCE, Kan. (KSNT) – He’s not a doctor, or a paramedic, but Larry Ojeleye knows what to do when there’s an emergency.

He recently acquired an old ambulance, and he is sending it to a place that desperately needs it.

Ojeleye said, “There’s even no 911 number to call,” Ojeleye’s talking about Nigeria. It’s where he’s originally from.

Shortly after moving the United States in 1985, Ojeleye opened up Affordable Limousines, Inc. in Lawrence, and he’s done well for himself, but he’s never stopped thinking about those back in Nigeria.

“You find out when you go over there and people have accidents, they don’t have the access to an ambulance to transport them to the hospital.” Ojeleye said.

That wasn’t okay with Larry and his Nigerian friends in the area, so they started a non-profit called Igbomina Project North America, with a mission to send as much medical equipment as they could back to Nigeria.

The organization’s already sent a large shipment of supplies and an ambulance to Nigeria, soon they’ll be doing it again.

Overland Park Regional hospital has donated a large amount of retired medical equipment, and supplies to the cause.

Now that retired equipment will get a new life, and doctors in Nigeria will finally have access to the life-saving tools like those in America.

“It makes me feel very great to do this, because if I save one life I think I’ve saved a lot of lives,” Ojeleye said.

There’s only one problem, and that’s the cost of shipping. Just sending the ambulance costs about $7,000.

If you’d like to help, click HERE.

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