KANSAS visits Topeka, helps support new garden

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — For fan, Faye Van Vleck Spratley, knowing a couple members from the band KANSAS, like Dave Hope and Kerry Livgren, started back in her band class at Topeka West High School.

Fast forward to October 6, 2017, she was able to see Livgren plus a few former and current players at the event in the NOTO Arts District.

“It’s exciting to see people that are trained in the musical background to have this passion to go forward and become incredibly famous,” Spratley said.

The event was an indoor picnic and fundraiser plus the unveiling for the creation of the Redbud Gardens — which will be an interactive sculpture garden.

Once there’s enough money raised, Topekans can expect to see the garden at Ninth and Kansas Avenue. In order to help get the funds needed to build the garden, not only did fans get to meet the band, there was an auction where fans could get signed keepsakes from some of the members.

“This was a place where I used to mail off tapes to record companies in hopes of getting a bite,” Co-founder of KANSAS, Kerry Livgren said. “We didn’t get any bites for a long time. But now they’re having this event here to honor the band.”

The garden will honor the Redbud Foundation and recognize KANSAS, who started in NOTO.

“It’s kind of a walk down memory lane, for me,” Livgren said. “But, it’s a thrill really to know that my music is still being played.”

The band is currently touring the country for their Leftoverture 40th Anniversary Tour. They also performed at the Topeka Performing Arts Center on Friday, October 06, 2017 at 8p.m.



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