Local gun shops compare bump stocks to expensive toys

MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT)– Federal officials said the Las Vegas shooter fitted some of his guns with bump stocks, turning his guns into weapons that reflect illegal automatic guns.

The gunsmith and owner of Flint Hills Gun Works said he has only installed two bump stocks before.

He said he doesn’t carry them and if someone wants him to install one on a gun he says they’ll have to find it somewhere else.

“I carry things that I know work and will enhance the value of a gun,” John Maike said. “This is not one of the items that made it better, it made it worse.”

A bump stock is an accessory that makes semi-automatic guns reflect illegal automatic guns.

“It would go right here, right now this is a semi automatic which means it’ll fire every time you pull the trigger” Troy Showalter of Integrity Gun and Pawn said. “A bump stock provides an action that allows you hold the trigger down.”

Many local gun shop owners compare bump stocks to an expensive toy.

“You’ve spent $12 in three seconds you know having a blast hitting the target but they’re not very accurate,” Showalter said.

Maike said bump stocks have been selling for around $100, but lately he’s seen them going for up to $800.

“It’s kind of a fad, and you see them in all kind of industries and that’s kinda what this was,” Maike said.

Other local gun shop owners say if bump stocks were to go off the market and become illegal, it wouldn’t bother them.

The national rifle association says it supports a review of “bump stock” devices.

Two kansas lawmakers – congresswoman Lynn Jenkins and Congressman Kevin Yoder say they’re open to a ban on bump stocks.

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