Anti-gay slur found written outside K-State Student Union

MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT)  –  An anti-gay slur was found written on a stone column outside the K-State Student Union. The message “God Hates F***” was found in the Bosco Plaza Monday morning.

This is the second vandalism targeted at minorities in just a few days. On Friday a structure celebrating Sukkot, a Jewish holiday, was found torn down and wrapped around an organizers car.

“We have an open campus. Just about 30 thousand people come and go everyday,” said Jeff Morris, vice president of K-State’s Division of Communications and Marketing.

Morris said the K-State’s open campus makes the investigation in to the vandalism difficult. He said that there are no camera’s posted around where the Sukkot structure was vandalized.

“These tend to be anonymous acts. We’re not hearing somebody say we did this to make a point,” said Morris.

However, there are cameras posted in Bosco Plaza where the anti-gay slur was found. Morris said they will be checking to the footage to see if they can see the person who did this.

This is two more in a series of incidents targeting minorities on K-State’s campus. In September, white supremacist flyers were found posted on campus. In May, a noose was found hanging from a tree on campus.

Back in September 2016, two K-State students wore skin care masks in a picture on Snapchat with the n-word in the caption.

“This is not unique to Kansas State University. We’re seeing incidents like this across the country,” said Morris.

“People have this idea that we’re all together and we support each yet some people still commit acts like this,” said Adam Carr, president of K-State’s Straight and Gay Alliance.

Carr said he was shocked when he saw the photo of the anti-gay slur on Facebook, but he hopes people use this event to come together.

“We’re going to have a lot better support of love and connectivity out of this event instead of feeling angry about the hate,” said Carr.


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