Local man brings light to those in Puerto Rico

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)– Your neighbors are bringing help, and hope to Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria devastated the island.

Manuel Gutierrez got a call from his mom in Puerto Rico saying she lost everything and that everything was pure chaos.

His company right here in Topeka rallied together to send him to his family.

“He’s with us more than he is with his family in Puerto Rico so we really felt like we needed to help him,” Bita Porubsky with Topeka Landscaping said.

Topeka Landscaping sent Gutierrez with medical supplies, water filters, flashlights and more.

He was not only able to help his family, but others in the community.

“Two neighbors, very old people, of my mom and they lost half their house and the roof,” Gutierrez said. “They were scared and crying.”

Gutierrez said his neighbors did not feel safe or secure, but he was able to shine some light on their darkness.

“We said, don’t worry, we got you,” Gutierrez said. “So we gave them some radios and flashlights and batteries and it was nice, very nice.”

He said while it was devastating to see his family and community in the middle of tragedy, there are things to be thankful for.

“I said mom, you’re good you are alive so that’s what’s important,” Gutierrez said.

“We just hope that our little bit of support was enough to make at least families days or weeks or months a little bit easier going forward,” Porubsky said.

Gutierrez said he wouldn’t have been able to make a difference or help his family without the support from friends and co-workers at Topeka Landscaping.



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