Brownback issues first and only executive pardon

Photo Courtesy: Office of Governor Sam Brownback

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Kansas Governor Sam Brownback issued an executive pardon on Tuesday to a felon convicted in a 1994 felony theft.

According to Brownback’s office, this is the first and only pardon signed by the governor to date. At the same time, his office said he denied 72 other requests for executive clemency.

The pardon is for Mark Schmitt, stemming from a false insurance claim amounting to $1,551.64. Schmitt, a native of Liberal, currently resides in Parker, Colorado. Brownback’s office said at the time of the incident, Schmitt was a 19-years-old college student living in Ottawa.

Brownback said this request for clemency was unanimously supported at all levels of the process.

“He has demonstrated he is a man of character, having already paid his debt to society, having had his criminal record expunged, and having worked through the process of requesting a pardon, and proving the worthiness of his request at every step.”

Schmitt first sought a pardon under former Governor Mark Parkinson but the application was lost where he then reapplied under Governor Brownback.


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