Jewish holiday dinner turned into solidarity march from vandalism

MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT)–Acts of hate have been a hot conversation at Kansas State University.

Dozens of Manhattan residents took steps of solidarity after a Jewish structure called a Sukkah was found torn down last Friday and wrapped around a car.

“And I say to those who targeted me, and wrapped the Sukkah around my car, I forgive you,” Glen Bickerood said.

After walking almost a mile across campus, the Jewish Sukkot holiday dinner started.

Those who marched brought dinners from restaurants and on campus, but some brought a little piece of their home dinner table to the celebration.

“We wanted to share the love and the best way to share the love is through food and we cook from the heart,” Eric Martin said.

And even though Samuel Becker isn’t Jewish, he said that won’t stop him from helping.

“I wanted to go out of my way to show solidarity for the Jewish community of Manhattan,” Becker said.

They say it’s inspiring to see a community stand together, but also shines light on a growing problem.

“Manhattan is getting stronger and its sad that it’s getting stronger of such tragic events,” Carol Sevin said.

The most recent happened Monday, when an anti-gay slur was written outside the university’s student union.

Last month, white supremacist flyers were posted around campus..

And months before that, a noose was found hanging from a tree, at K-State.

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