Inmates start fire at local jail, 2 escape

Matson Z. Hatfield and Jeffrey S. Guenther

MARYSVILLE, Kan. (KSNT) – On Saturday around 3:50 p.m., inmates lit a fire in a cell at the Marshall County Jail.

According to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office, the fire caused smoke to fill the jail.

Two inmates, Jeffrey S. Guenther, 46, and Matson Z. Hatfield, 30, allegedly forced their way through the jail, grabbed two shotguns and exited the jail into the Sheriff’s Office parking lot.

They said while Guenther and Matson were fleeing, a county employee’s tan 2004 Dodge Ram pickup was stolen at gunpoint. Shots were fired at a Marysville Fire Department truck during that time.

A responding Marysville Police Officer fired at Guenther in the fleeing truck.

Meanwhile, Hatfield reportedly fled on foot to a house nearby the jail and fired shots toward a man standing in front of the house. Hatfield was acquainted with the residents of the home, according to the Sheriff’s Office. A short time later, Hatfield surrendered to an officer from the Marysville Police Department.

Guenther fled the area in the stolen pickup and headed north on Highway 77, across the state line into Nebraska. He was chased by Marysville Police until he rolled the truck and was captured in rural Gage County, Neb.

No injuries were reported during the escape or in the events following the escape.

By approximately 6 p.m. Saturday, the remaining Marshall County Jail inmates had been safely transferred to the Washington County Jail.

Formal charges have not been field. This investigation is ongoing.

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