No. 6/7 TCU Tops K-State After Weather Delays, 26-6

TCU players take to the field as play resumes following the second weather delay during the second half of an NCAA college football game against Kansas State Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017, in Manhattan, Kan. TCU won 26-6. After two weather delays, the game ended 7 hours and 15 minutes after the scheduled start time. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

Courtesy: K-State Sports

MANHATTAN, Kan. – In a game that was delayed more than three hours due to lightning, spanning two separate delays, No. 6 TCU remained unbeaten behind the strength of 395 total yards on offense and topped K-State, 26-6, at Bill Snyder Family Stadium Saturday.

Following a three-hour delay prior to kickoff, the first two offensive possessions for the Wildcats resulted in punts, with the second possession setting TCU up in scoring position. The Horned Frogs took advantage of the field position, scoring on six rushing plays for 36 yards that was capped off by a Kenny Hill seven-yard touchdown scamper to put the first points on the board. The Horned Frogs added a field goal to end the first quarter with a 10-0 advantage.

K-State attempted an answer in the second quarter spurred by a forced fumble by the Wildcat defense. The fumble recovery by DJ Reed would be the team’s ended up as the lone takeaway of the game, but lead to a Matthew McCrane field goal. TCU would go into halftime with a 13-3 lead.

On the first possession of the second half, the Horned Frogs were able to march down the field in 4:59 on 13 plays, with a one-yard rush from Sewo Olonilua out of the Wildcat capping a 75-yard drive.

Following a second lightning delay with 12:49 in the fourth quarter, TCU expanded on their lead on a seven-play, 65-yard drive that was capped off with a another rushing touchdown by Olonilua.

TCU out-gained the Wildcats, totaling 395 total yards in the game, including 297 through the air. K-State accounted for 216 total yards, and 10 first downs in the game. Neither team registered a touchdown through the passing attack.

In his first career-start, sophomore quarterback Alex Delton rushed for 35 yards on 19 attempts and went 11-of-29 passing for 146 yards. Byron Pringle led the Wildcats in receiving, hauling in three receptions for 80 yards, including an impressive 30-yard reception along the TCU sideline in the third quarter.

In the second quarter sophomore Reggie Walker forced his first fumble of the season, and the team’s eighth, leading to a recovery by Reed.

Trent Tanking reached double digits in total tackles for the second consecutive game, and the third time this season, reaching 13 total tackles in the game. Tanking’s total marks a new career high that was previously set a week ago at Texas, as he leads K-State in total tackles this season with 50 total tackles.

Senior Tanner Wood recorded a crucial sack for a loss of nine yards on Kenny Hill on third down with time winding down in second quarter. Wood’s sack marked the first of the season for him, and the only sack of the game for the Wildcats.

Place kicker Matthew McCrane would add the only Wildcat points of the game, connecting on two field goals from 38 yards and 51 yards. McCrane’s long distance try made him 5-of-7 from beyond 50 yards, tying the school record for 50+ yard field goals made in a career (5) and in a season (3). McCrane’s six points on Saturday moved him into sixth in school history in points scored with 250.

Punter Nick Walsh booted a new career-long 64-yard punt early in the second quarter, pinning TCU at their own 11 yard-line. The punt tops Walsh’s previous career high of 63 yards set on September 10, 2015 also against TCU, and set the K-State defense in position to force a TCU punt. Walsh punted eight times on Saturday for 359 yards.

K-State 3-3 (1-2 Big 12)
TCU 6-0 (3-0 Big 12)

K-State Head Coach Bill Snyder
On the outcome…
“There are some things that I need to get straightened out. I appreciate the fact that they wanted to win, they gave a good effort, there are just some things that are not taking place, that falls in my lap.”

On third and fourth down conversions…
“There was a lot of third and fourth downs that we did not convert, I think that we 0-for-7 or 0-for-8 in the first half, so we were just not a good third-down or fourth-down team. In the running game, TCU played very well and we just did not give them the right things to give them the chance.”

On Alex Delton‘s performance…
“Well, Alex really struggled today. As I said, he had a lot of help. In that respect it is not all his fault but he did not play nearly as well as he obviously did the previous week. Not that he did not try, because he sure makes a good effort, and he is a very competitive young man.”

On offensive philosophy with change at quarterback…
“Normally you would like for it not to have to change. Alex (Delton) as opposed to Jesse (Ertz) by in large, it stays pretty much the same. Some things we might stay away from a little bit more, with one than the other, but by in large, we have an ample offense and it is important to me that we do the things that our players can do. I was under the assumption our players could do some of the things we were trying to do today. Today that was not the case and consequently we had to be in some other things.”

On what it will take to get the offense going…
“I think we will try to get everyone back into it and have the capacity to throw the ball better obviously. We have to be able to run against teams that are going to do some of the things that TCU did against us, most of it was blitz work and movement, that we have done reasonably well against similar concepts the week before. But TCU gave us some secondary pressure that we could not deal with very well.”

Senior Defensive Lineman Will Geary
On what changes need to be made…
“We just have to come in on Monday and work hard. Like Coach Snyder said, ‘I’m going to do my best to get you guys ready next week, but I am going to need you to buy in, go along with it and give me your all.'”

On how delays cause frustration…
“It was pretty frustrating. We were about two minutes from the coin toss the first time and getting ready to go out, and then I just looked up on the board and it said lightning delay. I was just saying ‘I have got to stay focused.’ We got a little extra film in, so it was not too bad.”

On mood of the team after today’s loss…
“It was a quiet locker room, but we know what we have got to do. We have to see where Coach Snyder can take us and follow him.”

Senior Defensive End Tanner Wood?
On holding TCU’s offense under 100 yards rushing…?
“We just knew we had to go out there and play well and get the ball back for the offense. That is all that we were trying to do. We were just trying to do our thing.”??

On the lightning delays…?
“You just have to stay focused. That is not hard. We are all in to the game and we all want to win and play, so that was easy.”

On struggles as a team…?
“I think it is just tough for that game. We are going to move on. We have some things to work out, but I think we are going to get it worked out.”??

Senior Linebacker Trent Tanking?
On evaluating the defense today…?
“It is tough to say. We held them to 13 points first half and 13 points the second half. Coming out after that second rain delay we knew that offense needed to score and we had to go out and stop them.”??

On lightning delay effects…?
“We talked football the whole time. I don’t think our mind was on anything else. So I do not think it had any effect.”??

On TCU quarterback Kenny Hill…?
“He is a heck of an athlete. He is a triple threat. He can pull it down and run, but also hit his receivers. I thought he did a great job. They did a good job converting third downs. They were probably 50 percent on third down.”

Senior Offensive Lineman Dalton Risner?
On why the offense is struggling…
“I cannot put a finger on it. As an offensive linemen, I will say it starts up front. We have to do things better as an offensive line. There are mistakes all across the board. It is about getting the offense moving forward. I wish I could tell you everything that went wrong but every play there is something we have to fix.”??

On difference with Alex Delton at Quarterback…?
“It was not any different. The only thing I can say about Alex (Delton) is I appreciate him so much and I hope all you guys know the great leader that he was throughout the week of practice. Filling in to play No. 6 TCU at home he did not miss a beat. He jumped into practice right away. He was fully confident and he got us going all week. My hat goes off to Alex Delton. Unfortunately, we lost but I love him as a teammate and I appreciate what he did today.”??

On crucial fourth and one near the goal line…?
“It was an unfortunate play. We got our first drive going of the game finally we get some juices flowing we were doing some good things. We get into the fourth and one situation and the only thing I can say is we should not have been in fourth and one at all. The play before we got two yards it was a third and short and they got a stop. We cannot put our team in that situation as an offensive line.”

Sophomore Running Back Alex Barnes?
On the weather delays…?
“They weathered the same storm that we did, so it is more than that. It is not just the delay that got us today.”??

On transitioning to Alex Delton at quarterback…?
“Every person on the offense has faith in him and his ability. They both do something different, but I do not think it is different at all with Delton at quarterback. They both bring different elements to the game. Delton is a little quicker and has a little more explosiveness to him but they both can manage the clock and manage the ball the same. I do not really see too much of a difference.”??

On the mood of the team after the game…
“Just frustrated. We are all really frustrated. We are going to look for answers on film and see what we can do to improve and get ready for next week.”

Junior Guard Abdul Beecham 
On not scoring a touchdown…
“It is very disappointing, no matter who we are playing, to not find the endzone in the game. We obviously came out flat and with no life. We have to keep pushing along and get better next week.”

On the strength of TCU’s defense…
“TCU is a great all-around football team. Like Coach Snyder preaches all the time, it is all about us. We have to get things fixed within our unit.”

On TCU’s blitzing…
“They brought a lot of stuff we did not see on film. They came prepared, had a great game plan and they are a great team.”??

TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson
On the weather delays…
“Our kids really did a good job. We had the same thing happen at Texas a few years ago. So I let them listen to their music and do what they needed to do to keep fired up. We got them sandwiches with ham and some fruit. We ate really early in the morning, so we ate again to keep up our energy. Our nutritionist went to the store and bought items for sandwiches.”

On beating teams that beat your team a year ago…
“Well you have older and younger teams and things don’t usually turn out as well for younger teams as they do for older teams. We have a lot of guys now who have played a lot of football so I wasn’t worried about the panic. They had a lot of enthusiasm going back out to the field.”

On momentum of fourth down tackle…
“It is probably just as big of a tackle on the field as any of them. You roll the dice on the blitz and sometimes you catch them from the back side. If they are coming at you, you are in trouble.”

On the running game…
“I do not think we ran the ball great today. Kansas State has a good defense. They are physical and you have to give their defense a lot of credit for holding us in that ball game.”

On beating his alma mater…
“I love the state of Kansas and I love Kansas State. It is all about the three hours and then after that it is about life and I have a lot of friends back here. I knew the honeymoon was over when I came back in 2000 and you get called names. But I have been in Fort Worth longer than I was in Kansas, so it is time to move on.”

Senior Defensive End Mat Boeson
On the overall defensive performance…
“We did really well. We had a salty tastes in our mouths from last year when K-State beat us. We came in prepared this year and did a good job.”

On the team’s defensive front right now…
“I think it is really good, we have got some talent. We are only six games in and have a lot left to go this season. We are off to a great start and have a lot of potential.”

Senior Wide Receiver John Diarse
On getting up early…
“The coaches did a good job getting our motors going early. From walkthroughs, breakfast, pregame, everyone was set and ready to go. It is one of those things you work on. I feel like everyone came in to the locker room ready to go. The weather delay got us a little bit, it would get anybody. Our team did an awesome job today staying on the task at hand.”

On how the delay effected the team…
“When you get the adrenaline going and you know it is game time, then you have a weather delay it kind of dampens your motor. It plays a critical part in your mind. From the players, to the fans, to everyone in gameday operations it puts a damper on it. But like I said, our team did an awesome job of staying locked in.”

Junior Safety Ridwan Issahaku
On the preparation for the game today…
“We did a great job of getting up early this morning. People do not understand, but that is a big part of the day. We executed what we did in practice, so it was a good defensive win.”

On Innis Gaines help on defense…
“As a safety, you love it. We saw on film what would work. Innis Gaines is a great blitzer, and that is one of his strong suits.”

Quarterback Kenny Hill 
On a tough road win…
“It feels good. We came in here just trying to get a win and we accomplished that. It was tough game, really tough on offense and the defense was slow. Overall, we just kept pushing and pushing and we found the endzone a couple times.”

On the rain delay…
“It was just coming back here and trying not to get too out of focus and obviously trying to relax a little and taking some of the pressure off, but not get too out of your head where you cannot go back on the field and get the job done. I thought we did a good job today with that. Everyone came out ready to play.”

The Wildcats will return to Bill Snyder Family Stadium on October 21 to host the No. 12 Oklahoma Sooners. The kickoff time and television schedule will be announced on Sunday.

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