Family members talk about Lawrence shooting victims

LAWRENCE, Kan. (KSNT) – Police announced they made two arrests Monday in connection with the Lawrence shooting that killed three people and hurt two. The brother of one of the victims said he is struggling with Colwin Henderson’s death.

“I think about him all the time,” Jordan Henderson said. “It’s not just during the day. It’s 24-7. I mean, it’s really hard to sleep at night. Because I’m just thinking he’s not here.”

He remembers his brother as a loving father and as a loving member of the family.

“A loving brother, just human,” he said. “I mean he was a basic person. He wasn’t perfect. But that’s what makes us human. So, that’s what he was.”

Henderson said he isn’t concerned if the investigation takes time. He wants police to conduct a thorough investigation.

Gretchen Brown also lost a loved one in the shooting. Her daughter Leah Brown died after going to Massachusetts Street with her friends.

“Fifty years ago, somebody would’ve had a black eye, and maybe gotten a tooth knocked out,” Brown said. “But now, we’re shooting into a crowd of people. And taking innocent lives.”

Brown said her daughter was caught in the crossfire.

“They didn’t know any of the people involved or anything,” she said. “They were just completely truly innocent. Innocent victims.”

Police say they will continue to look for all the people responsible. They intend to interview as many witnesses as they can, and they ask people with information to contact them.

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