K-State investigating racist Snapchat photo posted by student at football game

MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT)– Many people are taking to social media about the Snapchat photo a Kansas State University student posted at the football game this past weekend.

Some students are calling the photo a joke, while other students are calling it racist.

Jeff Morris, Vice President for Communications and Marketing at Kansas State, said there is an investigation taking place into the photo’s intent. He said that all students social media accounts are their own, and in no way a voice for Kansas State.

Kansas State University issued a statement as well saying “individuals posting through their social media accounts do not represent or speak on behalf of the university.”

“Kansas State is gathering facts about a post on social media that has generated significant comment and concern about racism. Once the facts have been gathered, the university will respond as appropriate.”

Morris said when they first saw the photo, by Sarah Harper, their first reaction was, “Oh no, not again, because it seems like we have some sort of social media outbreak every week.”

This social media outrage comes after a noose was hung on campus, anti-gay flyers, and white supremacists flyers being posted around campus.

Students on campus said until these issues are stopped being made into a joke, the issues will continue.

Morris said students individual social media pages are a platform for freedom of speech, but if it starts to affect or target an individual on campus they will then take action.

He said Harper met this morning with the Student Life department at K-State and said the post was a “bad joke.”

KSNT News has tried to contact Harper through Instagram and email, but she has yet to answer.



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