School bus crashes worry families

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Two Topeka school bus crashes have some parents and grandparents worried about the safety of their children. The crashes happened less than a week apart.

The first crash happened Oct. 12, and the second crash happened Wednesday. Marie Brumley’s grandchildren usually take the bus that crashed on Oct. 12.

Although her grandkids didn’t take the bus that day, she doesn’t feel comfortable having them take the bus to school after the two crashes.

“After today, I think I’ll start having them stay with me and I’ll bring them back and forth to school,” Brumley said.

Chelsea Smith said the crashes don’t worry her, and she will continue to send her child to school on the bus. She said both bus and car drivers need to be careful.

“I think that other drivers need to pay attention more and realize that there’s little kids on the bus,” she said.

Both the bus drivers were ticketed. The Durham bus service released a statement to KSNT. It said that safety is their top priority, and they are investigating the crashes.

Durham drivers need to pass a criminal background check, a drug test, a motor vehicle records review and other pre-screening tests.

Once hired, drivers go through more than 20 hours of classroom training, more than 20 hours of behind the wheel training, monthly safety meetings, on-going refresher training and an annual behind the wheel evaluation.

Topeka Public Schools is considering changing bus companies. It’s currently accepting bids from bus service providers for next year.

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