California restaurant admits serving chicken from Popeyes

LONG BEACH, Cal. (CNN) – If you like Popeyes Chicken then you will like a California restaurant’s recipe.

The owner admits it’s one and the same. Sweet Dixie Kitchen in Long Beach is facing backlash after a bad review on Yelp called the restaurant out for using chicken strips from Popeyes.

Apparently the customer saw Sweet Dixie employees carrying Popeyes boxes into the kitchen. Owner Kimberly Sanchez said she never made it a secret that Popeyes’ Chicken was used in two of her chicken plates. Both dishes cost around $13.

“My kitchen is not set up for frying. We’re an old building. I don’t actually have a proper kitchen back there. We didn’t do anything wrong. I did something I thought was the best product I could bring in anywhere, anywhere.”

Sanchez wrote that her restaurant “proudly serves” Popeyes spicy tenders.

She said she’s reached out to Popeye’s for approval to officially add them to her menu and hasn’t heard back.

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