Kansas survivor describes life after Las Vegas shooting

LINDSBORG, Kan. (KSNW) – A Kansas woman, who survived the Las Vegas shooting, said the healing process is just beginning.

“Whether I’m at work or outside, whatever, and I close my eyes and I see it, everything replays,” said Ryan Kyler.

Ryan Kyler, 32, was at the country musical festival the night a gunman opened fire. She and a friend took cover behind a food truck.

“I still have us laying there, holding onto each other and then just hearing the gunshots and everything. That’s still the only thing, if I close my eyes, that’s just what I see,” Kyler said.

Immediately following the Las Vegas massacre, Kyler said she felt OK. The single mom even talked with KSN when she landed at the Wichita airport a day after the shooting. However, Kyler now admits she is struggling.

“I’m still happy. I’m still going. I’m still trying to make the best of everything, but like I said, there are a few hiccups,” Kyler said.

Kyler said she’s having a hard time remembering things. She often feels scatterbrained and uncomfortable around a lot of people. On Saturday, Kyler said she was at a festival in Lindsborg when her anxiety hit.

“There was a lot of commotion, you know, a lot of things going on. Kids everywhere, people everywhere. and they were giving helicopter rides this year,” Kyler said. “When the helicopter flew over, I mean, I froze up. My mother-in-law was with me and she was like, ‘Are you OK?’ I couldn’t breathe. My anxiety spiked and just all of the noise and I looked at her and I said, ‘I need to leave.’ All I could think about was just getting home.”

Kyler said she has found some relief in speaking with other Las Vegas survivors in an online support group.

“I think it helps to have because you are talking to the people you were there with. even though you don’t know them, but they went through the same thing. They felt and seen the same thing, so I think it’s nice to have somebody to relate to, to talk to,” she said.

Kyler said she is also seeing a therapist, however it’s been difficult for her to make it to appointments regularly because of work.

“I’m still just trying to work and hopefully everything will just fall into place. Maybe, I will get a little bit of help so I can take a few days off to do the therapy sessions,” she said.

Kyler has created a gofundme page in hopes of being able to take off from work to make it to more therapy sessions.

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