Riley County EMS wants to stop responding to calls in Pottawatomie County

MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT)  –  Riley County Emergency Medical Services is asking Pottawatomie County to start taking responsibility for all of their residents.

Riley County EMS Director David Adams said he wants to work on providing better service to people living north of Manhattan, but right now his departments responds to over 200 calls in Pottawatomie County each year.

“They get the tax levies and they get all of the support that way, but we’re providing the service. We need to put our operations back into our county,” said Adams.

Adams said this all comes down to the Blue Township. It’s a growing community just a few miles east of the Riley County line.

Residents won’t see changes anytime soon. Adams said it will be a change they will work on over the next few years. Still, people who live in the Blue Township have questions about their ambulance service.

“Since it’s a Pott County ambulance will they take us into Manhattan or over to Wamego,” asked Phillip Steen, a man who’s lived in the Blue Township for nearly 50 years.

Adams said any ambulance can take you to the nearest hospital regardless of what county the come from. He said you can also request which hospital you’d like to go to.

“We are pretty close to Manhattan and I would just assume that an ambulance would be coming from Manhattan. If an ambulance is coming from Pottawatomie and it takes longer yeah that would be an issue,” said Samantha Melby, who lives in Blue Township along with her in-laws.

Adams said Pottawatomie County EMS will most likely build a new station near Blue Township so that response times do not suffer.

“We’ll continue to talk about it. We’ll continue to work through it. This is going to be a couple years down the road and when they’re ready we’ll be ready,” said Adams.

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