New local jobs headed your way thanks to major grant

JUNCTION CITY, Kan. (KSNT) –  A $4.2 million grant will impact the Junction City economy.

Ventria Bioscience is expected to add 12 full-time positions. The result of grant money recently received from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The money will help further the company’s research and development of a product that provides children in developing worlds with proteins found in breast milk. The product breaks new ground – potentially curbing the affects of enterotoxegnic escherichia coli (ETEC,) The illness, more commonly known as diarrhea, kills an estimated 157,000 children in poverty stricken nations each year.

CEO, Scott Deeter told KSNT News the grant will greatly impact the company’s expansion and allow them to tap into local resources – like K-State, as they look to fill newly created jobs.

“These are jobs working in plant biotechnology and the medical field.

The chief operation officer continues, “its really exciting for us!”

The company’s product is not yet available.

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