RCPD addresses rumored rape going around social media, through text messages

(Picture courtesy: RCPD)

RILEY COUNTY, Kan. (KSNT) – The Riley County Police Department is addressing a rumored rape that has been making its way around social media.

In a Facebook post, RCPD said it has been contacted by several students, parents and community members. The individuals have reported to RCPD the rapist is preying on community members, referenced in a text message sent to the department.

The message said, “Last night 11th and Thurston, break in with gun and mask and rape. They are messing with the water/breaker boxes to reel girls in another couple blocks down a girl came home to a guy waiting in her bed like with her retainers on.”

RCPD said within the past several months, it has not worked any case where a person wearing a mask broke into a home with a gun and raped a person. This report has been circulating on social media and through text, and is untrue to the department’s knowledge. RCPD said it has made multiple attempts to find the source of the information, but have not been able to.

RCPD said if there is a victim, they are urged to come forward so the department can investigate and get the victim(s) any help or resources they may wish to have.





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