School bus crashes concern TPS

TOPEKA, Kan. – (KSNT) Four school bus crashes happened in two weeks. Two of those happened Wednesday. The number of incidents have people at Topeka Public Schools concerned.

“Obviously student safety is a top priority, and we just unfortunately keep experiencing these situations,” Spokesperson Misty Kruger said. “So we are closely monitoring and working with Durham to see what we can to do to address it and whether we need to retrain or we need to look at routes.”

Topeka School Board President Dr. Michael Morrison said the school district is responsible for children’s safety from the time they leave home to the time they return.

“What is paramount to our board members is the safety of our children,” Dr. Morrison said. “And that goes along with their education.”

According to the Kansas Department of Education, Topeka Public Schools had 33 bus accidents over the last school year. However, it is unusual for so many accidents to happen in a short time span.

“It’s not something that I’ve experienced in my time with the district,” Kruger said. “It’s very concerning to experience this in such a short amount of time.”

Durham school bus drivers are finishing a special intersection safety course this week. The course was spurred by the first two accidents.

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