75 years of ‘I do’

Melvern, KAN. (KSNT)- Making a marriage last a lifetime, a local couple has got it figured out.

George and Beverly Rice have been married for 75 years, nearing the Guinness World Record that is currently set at 86 years.

When you’ve been married as long as George and Beverly it’s not just the years that add up, its the amount of family, “Oh, heavens yes!”

Beverly and George Rice

So much family even Beverly has a tough time keeping track, “I’d say how many? How many?” Beverly said.

The Rice’s granddaughter Amy Lacey , “They’ve got one adopted daughter, 6 kids, 15 grand kids, over 30 great grand kids, and a few great great grand kids.”

All of the family was present as the Rice’s recently celebrated their milestone 75th anniversary, “We’ll never part,” Beverly said.

Beverly who is now 92-years-old, and George 93-years-old, met at a skating rink when they were just teenagers. Shortly after meeting, they got married. Beverly just 17-years-old when they said “I do.”

Not long after saying their vows, George a WWII veteran had to leave Beverly for a few years, “When he came home, I didn’t know he was coming home, and he surprised, surprised me good,” Beverly said.

Still to this day he continues to surprise her.

As for their secret to such a long happy marriage, its simple, “Love,” Beverly said. Advice from a couple who knows all about it.


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