Halloween celebrations go on, despite bitter cold and snow

HIAWATHA, Kan. (KSNT) – The last time northeast Kansas saw snow on Halloween was in 2002, but that did not put a stop to people enjoying the Halloween festivities.

Hiawatha Halloween Frolic took place all day on Tuesday. It was a bitterly cold day with snow in the forecast, but that did not stop people from coming out and enjoying the day.

“It’s really not that bad,” said parent Stacy Simmer. “Luckily, the wind is not blowing so you know you just bring an extra pair of gloves, bring a scarf, bring those hand warmers and I think we’re doing just fine!”

That was definitely that case for some, but for others, not so much. Kendall Heiniger said she had to make some adjustments to her plans because of the weather.

“We nixed all our original costumes and we went with a giraffe hat and we went with a firetruck hat and we went with a swat commander vest because it can go over the coat,” Heiniger said.

As for others, they just added some extra layers to their costumes.

“You just kind of adapt and overcome I think, when you’re a parent. Lot’s of hats, gloves, lots of blankets, layers,” said parents Ashley Andres and Chelsea James.

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