Lecompton Christmas tree display is the biggest one in the Midwest

LECOMPTON, Kan. (KSNT) – It’s already feeling like Christmas in one northeast Kansas town.

The annual Christmas tree display is up at the Territorial Capital Museum in Lecompton.

Just 11 trees made up the display when it first started back in 2011.

Now, it’s the biggest display in the Midwest with about 145 trees – attracting about 2,000 visitors.

Each tree has it’s own theme and decorations.

Deb Powell from the museum’s Board of Directors said this display will help people get in the Christmas spirit.

“It’s just Christmas from all over the world and Christmas back 100 years. It’s just captivating and it’s absolutely beautiful. You really do have to come to see it to enjoy it.”

The trees will be on display until the new year.

You can stop by the museum any day of the week. You can call the Territorial Capital Museum at (785) 887-6148 or visit their Facebook page and website for more information.

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