New businesses hope to revive Downtown Topeka

TOPEKA, Kan. – (KSNT) The Downtown Topeka skyline is experiencing changes. The investment company AIM Strategies is adding a fine dining restaurant; a restaurant with a bowling alley and beer garden called The Pennant, and a hotel.

The C.E.O. of AIM Strategies, Seth Wagoner, said he wants to restore the downtown area to its former glory.

“I want it to be that fond memory of what it was, and I hope that this is really opening the door to a new area of Topeka,” he said.

Scott Gales, the president of the architectural office that designed the hotel, said these projects may encourage more businesses to open downtown.

“I think every time you see these things happen, people have a little more confidence that if they’re an entrepreneur, if they’re a business person, and they’ve been thinking about downtown, it makes them a little more comfortable, a little more confident that they can make that reinvestment in the downtown,” he said.

The 26.8 million dollar Cyrus Hotel is slated to be completed in fall of 2018. The Pennant cost 2.5 million dollars and will open in March of 2018.

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