Aggieville shooting claims don’t scare some

MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) — Rumors of a shooting in Aggieville this weekend come at the same time as the FBI began its investigation of a possible hate crime in Manhattan.

The social media threat read “shooting in the Ville this weekend.” It was reported to Riley County Police on Wednesday.

But it’s not enough to stop Manhattan resident Barbara Kennedy from enjoying her Friday night.

“We came down for some drinks and are going to the country club,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy has lived in Manhattan since 1962 and said she doesn’t read much into threats like these.

“It’s stupid, it’s just stupid,” she said.

And others in Manhattan agree with her.

“Not unless there’s a way to substantiate them,” Manhattan resident David Endsley said.

Police are not calling the Aggieville threat “credible”.

Riley County Police said every case like this is different in deciding if the threats are credible or not.

They investigate with all the facts they have at the time and continue to re-evaluate the credibility as more information is found.

But that still doesn’t sit right with K-State student Matt Mohan.

“I mean I definitely think about them and it makes me worried,” Mohan said.

He said rumors like this will make him think twice about going to Aggieville this weekend.

Businesses in Aggieville said they are concerned that the rumors will affect them this weekend.

The Riley County Police Department is asking you to contact them if you have information on the source of the threat.

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