Seatbelt Safety Enforcement week ends

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Friday was the last day law enforcement agencies statewide conducted their annual Seatbelt Safety Enforcement campaign this week.

The enforcement is targeted specifically around elementary and middle schools. That’s because in 2016, Kansas lost more than 40 people from birth to 19 years old in car crashes. And half of them weren’t even wearing a seatbelt.

The goal of the enforcement is not to issue citations, it’s to remind people of all ages that seatbelts save lives.

“We’ve had pretty good luck giving some reminders to the parents and then also talking to the children who are in the cars and just stressing the importance of properly restraining the kids,” said Jordan Plachecki, Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper.

According to the Topeka Municipal courts, if a driver is caught not wearing a seatbelt, with a passenger in the car between the ages of 14 and 18, the driver could receive a $60 fine with no court cost.

But if the driver has a passenger under 4 years old, the cost is $60, plus a court fee.


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