Movember health numbers all men should know

In this Thursday, June 6, 2013 file photo, a patient has her blood pressure checked by registered nurse in Plainfield, Vt. Your heart might be older than you are, according to a CDC report released Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2015 which takes a new approach to try to spur more Americans to take steps to prevent cardiovascular disease. (AP Photo/Toby Talbot)

TOPKEA, Kan. (KSNT)  Movember is here and men’s health is in the spotlight. Doctors and health organizations use this month to bring awareness to the harsh reality of male health statistics.

Dr. Michael Lexow a Family Medicine Physician at Cotton O’Neil Clinic in Topeka said men don’t live as long as women and they are more likely to have cardiovascular disease.

The doctors said there are four main health factors all men should know what their numbers are, “their blood pressure, their cholesterol, the blood glucose level, and their BMI.”

“Blood pressure is a measurement of the pressure of the blood in your vessels. If your blood pressure is consistently over 140 over 90 you would be considered to have hypertension or high blood pressure which does lead to risk of stroke or heart attack,” said Dr. Lexow.

Second, know your cholesterol levels. Your overall cholesterol should not be above 200. Your LDL or bad cholesterol should be under 100, and your HDL or good cholesterol should be over 60.

“Cholesterol is a product in your blood stream that helps with building hormones and building fatty tissues in your body.  You get it in different forms in your diet, such as eggs and meats and cheeses.  But a high cholesterol, certainly a high bad cholesterol which is called your ldl can be a risk factor for the buildup of cholesterol in the vessels or arteries and that could lead to blockages certainly disease like heart attacks or strokes,” said Dr. Lexow.

Third, know your blood sugar levels. Multiple blood tests with a glucose level over 125 indicates a possible diabetes diagnosis.

Dr. Lexow said glucose is your blood sugar level which is the amount of sugar in your blood stream.

“It’s measure with the blood test. As most people know high blood sugar is an indicator for the possibility of diabetes. Diabetes is a disease in adults, type 2 diabetes is usually what we’re referring to which is the most common type of diabetes.”

And finally, know your BMI.

“BMI is your body mass index and that is a measurement of your weight to your height.  This is not a parameter that you would look at by itself as an indicator of disease. But it is a good indicator of your general health. The BMI above 30 is considered obese. A BMI between 25 and 29 is overweight. So a healthy BMI would be less than 25, between 18 and 25,” said Dr. Lexow.

Doctors recommend that all men know these numbers through regular checkups and tests. An annual physical is always suggested.


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