Stuffed bobcat becomes social media star after K-State win

MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT)  –  The K-State football team came back from a wide margin to win Saturday’s game against Texas Tech. Now, some are saying that a locker room accessory may have been bringing them good luck.

“Phil the Bobcat” is a taxadermied bobcat that belongs to Head Equipment Manager Al Cerbe. The stuffed feline is gaining a lot of attention thanks to a video posted on the K-State Football twitter account.

“I hoisted it over my head and started jumping around and I guess it got a pretty big reaction,” said Senior Defensive Back Brogan Barry.

Barry, a Hayden High School graduate, said he noticed the stuffed cat before the game, and after the Wildcats came back from 11 points behind, he decided to hoist the cat in the air.

The video of the celebration has more than 1,600 likes on Twitter and hundreds of retweets, but it left fans with one big question.

“Why? Like why? I guess if it helps it helps,” said K-State freshman Samuel Huffstatler.

Huffstatler said he didn’t even notice “Phil” the first time he watched the video. He was just excited about the win. Others were just confused.

“We pulled out the win, but it’s not a wildcat though. I can see it maybe lasting as long as we keep winning but I feel like as soon as we lose it may kind of lose it’s fire,” said Sam Douglas, K-State sophomore.

For his part, Barry feels the same way.

“I feel like that’s something that could get over-killed pretty fast You know it’s a stuffed dead animal,” said Barry.


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