Hanover’s only pharmacy closing; neighbors will now travel extra miles to nearest store

HANOVER, Kan. (KSNT) — Hundreds of people in the city of Hanover will now have to travel outside the town to go to the nearest pharmacy.

The owner, Steve Pierson, took over as co-owner in 1979 for Hanover Professional Pharmacy. He said he’s been looking for someone to buy the pharmacy so he could retire and keep the pharmacy open. So far, he’s had no offers. In August 2017, Pierson went through his 3rd store break-in. He said criminals broke through the store’s back door trying to steal narcotics. That situation is what he said was the final straw.

“All these people in town have become my family, so it’s pretty rough,” Pierson said. “It’s just going to be a little more inconvenient for them. I think they’ll get by, but it’s just tough.”

Pierson said he’ll be closing the store December 2017. Everything leftover will be going to the Washington Health Mart, including prescription files.

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