Junction City’s next steps for new high school


JUNCTION CITY, Kan. (KSNT) — It’s official! Junction City will be getting a new high school after voters approved a bond issue during Election Day on November 7th.

The next step is to purchase land for where the new school will be built. They will then start a design process once it’s decided where this will be located. Co-chair of the say of the ‘Say Yes’ to JCHS Campaign, Terrah Stroda said it will take nine months just for the design and bidding phase. Groundbreaking is expected to happen during the summer of 2018. After that, it would be a 2-year process to build the school.

“It’s electric,” Stroda said. “Folks are excited. The staff and the students are thrilled for what’s happening and that is why we did this. This is about our students and certainly about our community.”

KSNT News reported the district would receive $60 million from the US Department of Defense because of the number of military students in the district. Now, the district has applied to receive more money and been approved for an additional $20 million. That is expected to go towards the new high school.

The school isn’t expected to be completed until fall of 2020 meaning current freshmen students will be the first students to graduate from the new school.

Stroda wants residents here to stay tuned and follow along this journey to building a new school. She’s also looking for the community to come together to pitch ideas for what the school should have.

Financial Breakdown:

  • 47% Will Come From State
  • 35% Comes From Military Students
  • 10% Comes From District Taxes
  • 8% From Aid Interest

The school will cost about $100 million.

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