Local businesses rally to give the “wig room” a make-over

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – All the stores at 21st and Belle Shops are women-owned and run, so they know the fun in going to get your hair done. And when two of the ladies saw the wig room at the American Cancer Society in Topeka, they decided it needs a make-over.

“My mom has had cancer two times, she has had to wear a wig, so when I saw the wig room at the ACS office it just wasn’t the vibe and the feeling that I wanted to see in the space,” Jess and Rosie’s Boutique co-owner Ann O’Bryan said.

Tina Biechler is a two-time cancer survivor and has gotten a wig from Topeka’s ACS wig room.

“To feel you look normal, and have the confidence in side you, to you know, I’m having a normal day, amongst all your treatments, its just a soft feeling,” Biechler said.

And the best part for the American Cancer Society employees, is helping find that confidence.

“Once they find ‘the wig’ they leave here with such a great confidence about themselves knowing they are going to go out looking great,” ACS senior manager Stephanie Weiter said.

The all women-run stores in 21st and Belle Shops rallied together to come up with a fundraiser to re-model the wig room from the floor, to the ceiling.

The fundraiser was apart of the 21st and Belle Shops 5th annual Girl’s Christmas Gala.

The business owners have put together a tailgating package for the Chief’s game on December 10. Everything in the package has been donated and you can donate to get your ticket to win until November 22.

“Women who are living with or have beat cancer, I love to see the way they feel when they feel beautiful,” O’Bryan said.

“We want to make an impact on this very sensitive time and take the opportunity to help,” Long Lighting Studio owner Kellie Long-Wiedmaier said.

With one goal in mind, to make it feel like you’re at a salon again.

The new wig room is also going to be a place for the women to just come and talk and have a place of support all thanks to the business owners at 21st and Belle Shops.

They hope to break ground on the re-model at the first of the year and have it complete by February.

You can donate or buy your ticket by going to any of the 21st and Belle Shops.

For more information on the tailgating package click here. 

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