BFFs say they’re ‘twins’ because they share a birthday

(WFLA) — Two adorable little girls who share same birthday think they are twins – despite their differences.

Four-year-olds Zuri Copeland and Jia Sarnicola are the best of friends and do everything together.

Since meeting in pre-school, the duo has become attached at the hip going to birthday parties, theater plays and of course, they have tons play dates together.

The pint-sized BFFs recently attended a birthday party and overheard other girls talking about how they were sisters. The pair excitedly jumped into the conversation and shared they are twins too.

But they were not pleased with the response they got back.

One of the little girls told the besties there was no way they could be twins because they have two different skin colors.

Devastated, Jia cried and put everyone in their place saying, “You don’t know anything! We are twins because we have the same birthday and share the same soul!”

Zuri’s big sister Victoria was shocked so she shared the story with family and friends and naturally, it went viral on Twitter.

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