Drizzle comes to an end, clouds stick around

Areas of drizzle and a few light rain showers will wrap up later tonight. The rain chance may come to an end, but the overcast sky won’t budge much. Stubborn cloud cover will hinder temperatures from falling more than a couple of degrees here and there. Overnight lows are expected to stay in the 40s for tonight.

Some patchy areas of fog are possible for Sunday morning, but overall, it’ll still be a cloudy start to the day. The first half of Sunday will still be fairly cloudy, but that cloud cover will gradually start to break apart and be kicked out from north to south. With emerging peaks of sunshine, that should allow some spots to crack into the low 50s. By tomorrow night, all of Northeast Kansas looks to be noticeably clearer. That’ll allow temperatures to fall back into the upper 20s and 30s by the time you head out the door early Monday morning to get back to work or school.

Monday will mark the beginning of milder air returning to the region with more widespread 50s. High temperatures in the 50s and 60s are expected throughout next week, with a couple of rain chances in the mix, as well.


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