Local package thief caught from a doorbell

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – With the holidays right around the corner, more packages will start to arrive on your doorstep.

Delivery companies say thieves often times follow delivery trucks around, waiting to for packages to be dropped off, only to snatch them from the porch minutes later.

One local family, the Memmers, was expecting a package on their doorstep. What they found was definitely a surprise.

“Oh my gosh, I found the video of a lifetime,” Matthew Memmer said.

“To know that I was 10 feet away where this guy was out on my porch stealing my package was kind of annoying,” Amy Memmer said.

How did the Memmer’s find who stole from their front door? Through a door bell with a video camera.

After Amy Memmer posted the video of the thief stealing, people in the community helped identify the man.

He ended up going to authorities saying it was a misunderstanding, the Memmer’s said.

“He took it to the Sheriff’s office and delivered the package to the Sheriff’s office and then he’s listed as the suspect,” Matthew Memmer said.

They said this won’t stop them from ordering packages, but will make them more aware.

“Usually I just think they will get delivered when they get delivered and this time,” Amy Memmer said. “I definitely took note of what day they were expected so I can make sure I’m watching for those and that we actually get them.”

Delivery companies suggest keeping your tracking number, and if your package says it was delivered, but doesn’t make it to your house, to contact the carrier right away.

The Memmer’s said a report has been filed with the Sheriff’s office and they are working with deputies to pursue charges against the man who stole their package.

KSNT News wanted to know other important advice when preventing your packages from being stolen.

  • Delivery companies suggest picking up your package from your mailbox or door right away.
  • They say, requesting a signature at the door, can help  make sure your package is not left unattended.
  • Another piece of advice is requesting the carrier, to put your package in your backyard or sending it to work.

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