Grieving your loved ones during the holidays

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)– We mark our lives with holidays. We remember what we did last Thanksgiving and the Christmas before that, and that’s why doctors say holidays are hard when you are missing a loved one.

“Sometimes those memories are painful, and that’s okay to say that is that this is a painful memory for me, especially the two of three holidays after a death of someone,” Dr. Doug Morphis said.

That pain, is exactly how Laura Luedecke is feeling.

“I felt like we were forced to go fishing with him, and as I have gotten older I wish I could have had that one last chance to go fishing with him,” Luedecke said. “That was his favorite thing to do.”

She said when her family gathers this holiday season, they will share stories and memories of her father to keep his legacy alive.

“I was able to record some stories from when he was in the hospital one time so I keep those close to me and I’ll play them over and over just to hear his voice,” she said.

Laura and nearly a hundred other people gathered at the Great Overland Station on Sunday, who have to remember their loved one this holiday season instead of spending it with them.

Dr. Morphis told those who are hurting that remembering your memories will help fill that missing presence.

“It’s important to not avoid that, but to remember and use those memories to share with other people,” he said.

He also said writing letters about your loved one and sharing it with your family during the holidays can help bring joy during a time of pain.

Luedecke said it gives her peace to know that her dad is free of any pain he had and only time will heal their families hearts.

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