Salvation Army wants your help for annual Red Kettle Campaign


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The familiar sound of ringing bells will soon fill the air with the Salvation Army’s Annual Red Kettle Campaign as the holiday season sets in.

The Salvation Army announced their $341,000 fundraising goal for 2017. Every cent is collected by volunteers.

“It’s amazing how the people interact with us out there — Merry Christmas and have a good day and try to stay warm,” said long-time volunteer Foster Chisolm. “They’re really concerned about us and I always appreciate that.”

Chisolm has been braving the cold to help the community since 1961. A legacy, he says, opens his eyes year after year.

“I think it’s wonderful at Christmas time but I always like to think the Salvation Army — particularly does things at other times of the year,” said Chisolm.

Now, he wants other people to get involved.

“I think that one of the greater charities in the United States is the Salvation Army and I would encourage anyone to be involved in this particular endeavor,” he said.

All you have to do is register at the Salvation Army’s website by clicking here. From there, you take on a crucial role of helping the Red Kettle Campaign succeed. There is also a list of locations where you can donate on the website.

The famous red kettles will begin popping up in front of area stores over the next few days.

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