Wanamaker construction coming to an end

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – After weathering months of construction on Wanamaker, Diamonds by Design says it’s looking forward to the end of the road work. The store’s owner, Dan Brenner, said closed entrances and no-turn traffic lanes have frustrated his customers.

“We have customers that are very upset about how you get in, and they’ll call in advance,” he said. “It’s very confusing.”

The City of Topeka said the roadwork near the intersection of 21st St. and Wanamaker St. will be completed by Wednesday, November 22. While the roadwork outside his store will soon be a thing of the past, Brenner hopes construction planners will do things differently in the future.

“They should work more with businesses in the future to be more ascertaining what goes on and help businesses instead of hurting them,” Brenner said. “And this has hurt business.”

In addition to milling and overlaying a large section of Wanamaker, the project will replace and widen some turn lanes at the 21st and Wanamaker intersection. The construction will also replace a waterline between SW 17th and SW 21st streets, a traffic signal and some storm sewers.

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