Teen with terminal illness leaves legacy of art

SILVER LAKE, Kan. (KSNT) – You may not recognize his name name now as an artist, but once you meet and see Nick Crump’s work you’ll never forget him.

“The biggest problem for me, I can’t raise my arms, and draw like a lot of people do,” Crump said.

The Silver Lake Junior-Senior High School senior was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy when he was a little boy. A disease that has no cure, and causes muscles to weaken and attacks the heart and lungs.

“The outcomes of this disease unfortunately are terminal, so I’d probably be lucky to make it to 22.”

Crump is currently on a ventilator and has to blend up his food to eat, “But then I remember it always could be worse.”

It’s that positive attitude that’s allowed him to keep doing what he loves most, drawing, “I can impress myself by drawing.”

He draws everything from dinosaurs, dragons, clowns – you name it. His work is detailed and takes time. It can take anywhere from two to two and half hours on some pieces.

Someday his drawings will be just one of the ways he’s remembered, “I’d like to be remembered as a kind kindhearted generous individual,” Crump said.

A ferociously kindhearted generous individual.


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