Breastfeeding benefits reduce risk of endometriosis

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) Should I breastfeed my new baby? That’s a main question every new mom asks.

A recent study out of Brigham and Women’s Hospital looks at the impact breastfeeding may have on endometriosis.

“The endometriosis condition – which can cause very painful cramping and it can be very challenging around the time of periods and it’s one of those conditions that has very few ways to deal with it, said Libby Rosen, a registered nurse at Stormont Vail. What they found is the women who develop endometriosis were not as frequently as women who breastfed. They found women who breastfed 18 months of their lives or more, and that could be 2 or 3 babies, those women had a 30% reduction in getting endometriosis.”

The reason? Hormones.

“They contemplated that probably some of that had to do with the hormones that come into play during pregnancy and lactation and those hormones keep endometriosis from developing in those women. Besides its positive effects on preventing endometriosis, local moms breastfeed for other health benefits for them and baby.

“It helps Jude with the antibodies he needs to stay healthy. My doctor also told me it will help my uterus shrink back after having the baby. So it has all kinds of great health benefits. We’re really happy to breastfeed,” said Adam and Abby Hall.

“For the babies, and the kids as well, as much as you can build up their immune systems in whatever way, is the best that I can do for them.   And that’s what we’ve tried to do,” said parents Kathy and Shane Harrington.

As for how long you should breastfeed for, The American Pediatrics goal is, “to exclusively breastfeed for the first 6 months, add complementary foods, and continue breastfeeding for that first year, and then as long as mother and baby want to. So they can nurse longer than that. All of that really helps to protect the mother and baby,” said Rosen.

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