Holiday cooking prompts more safety measures

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The holidays are here and your kitchen is busy. But during this time of year we also see an increase in cooking accidents, especially for our little ones.

“One of the biggest injuries that we see in kids with cooking is scald injuries and burns,” said Teresa Taylor with Safe Kids Shawnee County.

Easy ways to avoid a trip to the hospital is by always talking to them and talking to them about kitchen safety; what’s going to be hot, what we can expect to be hot, not to be grabbing things. But we can always anticipate that they are going to do it. Keeping pots and pans towards the back of the stove if possible. Always keeping handles on pots turned in and back, so they can’t reach for them as easily.

Make sure that you are wearing short sleeves, tighter fitting sleeves, so those don’t become fire hazards as well,” said Taylor.

The oven can be another safety hazard.

“Making sure as we open the oven, or are transporting hot things that children aren’t in the way and we can trip over them. Make sure to use a timer while you’re cooking. We just get so busy in the kitchen sometimes. You think you’re going to remember in just a few minutes to take the cookies out and quickly it becomes 10 minutes,” said Taylor.

Teresa also recommends keeping babies contained in a high chair while in the kitchen — rather than holding them while also trying to cook.

For more information on Holiday Safety visit


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