Topeka man, approaching women about modeling, strikes again

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – It’s a familiar story to Topeka, but this time it was different.

Bailey Videto said a strange man approached her in her driveway last week. She said he told her she was beautiful and asked her if she’d modeled before.

“Ultimately, he wants you to send him pictures,” she said. “He didn’t say they had to be explicit pictures, but he wants pictures to get this business started.”

Even though her instincts told her not to, she said she gave the man her phone number. She said he asked to meet with her at several places around Topeka.

“He never wanted a man or a boyfriend with me,” Videto said.

In August, a man, who goes by the name Ron, approached women at West Ridge Mall.

Videto said she wasn’t aware of past incidents and wrote a Facebook wanting to know if other women had experienced something similar. Dozens commented saying they had.

She said the man then started messaging her and asked her to delete the post.

“He said karma would get me if I didn’t take the post down,” said Videto.

KSNT News reached out to the man several times. He did not respond.

Lieutenant Colleen Stuart with the Topeka Police Department said if the man approaches you, do not engage him and call police.

“Providing your name, your birthday, or your phone number even to a complete stranger can open you up to a lot of unintentional consequences,” said Lieutenant Stuart.

Lieutenant Stuart said the man hasn’t broken any laws, but encourages people to report any suspicious activity.

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