Former Kickapoo tribal chairman found guilty of criminal charges

HOLTON, Kan. (KSNT) – A former Kickapoo tribal chairman was convicted this week of fraudulent handling of a recordable instrument and tampering with records. The other seven criminal counts against Steve Cadue were dismissed upon entry of a plea agreement.

Judge C. Steven Hager, Judge of the Kickapoo Nation accepted the no contest plea from Cadue. The case was prosecuted by Kickapoo Tribal Special Prosecutor Thomas G. Lemon.

Former Treasurer Bobbi Darnell was convicted by a jury and former Secretary Adolph Cadue, Jr. is pending trial on similar criminal charges. The Complaints allege that the former tribal council officials took action to draw down money from the tribe’s federal burial fund then falsified resolutions showing the tribal council action was for a much greater amount. Based on those resolutions, excessive amounts were then transferred from the tribe’s burial fund held by the federal government on behalf of the Tribe to the Tribe’s bank account where the money was used to subsidize payroll and other tribal expenses.

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