Hi-Crest neighborhood celebrates Fremont opening

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)  –  The city of Topeka opened up Fremont Hill during an event Tuesday afternoon. The stretch of Fremont Street from 29th to 31st was completely repaved. The city also built new sidewalks and a bike path.

“It has been a really crooked, narrow, bumpy road for so many years,” said Nellie Hogan, a Hi-Crest resident.

Hogan moved to the area in 1961 and said people have been asking for Fremont to be redone for decades. She hopes the new street will mean expansion for the neighborhood.

“We hope to have some houses on one side or the other, maybe some tiny homes,” said Hogan.

The city said the construction on Fremont is one of a series of improvements to southeast Topeka.

“Golf Park Boulevard was resurfaced this past summer and in the next couple years we’re going to be doing a lot of work on southeast Adams Street,” said Robert Bidwell, pavement improvements manager for Topeka.

It’s a good deal of work for a part of town that some believe gets overlooked by the city.

“We sort of feel like we’re the ugly step children but we’re working with city officials to make this a better neighborhood. It has a stigma to it but there’s a lot of nice people who live here and we’d like this neighborhood to have a little bit better of a reflection in the city.,” said Hogan.

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