AAA predicts 51 million Americans will be traveling for Thanksgiving

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — AAA has projected more than 50 million Americans will be travelling for the 2017 Thanksgiving weekend . That number is the highest volume in more than a decade.

Those of you that are flying will be paying some of the cheapest airfare prices since 2013. Travel by trains, buses and cruises is expected to increase to almost 1.5 million travelers. But close to 90% of all travelers are planning a thanksgiving road trip. However, more drivers will be on the highways and stopping at gas stations paying the most expensive prices since 2014.

“They are higher than last year, but they are still the third lowest price in like the last 10 years,” Jennifer Haugh Manager of Government Affairs, AAA Kansas said. “So, you’re still looking at a good discount in pricing as opposed to say 5 or so years ago when we were paying $3 a gallon.”

For all of you hitting the road, the average price of gas in Kansas is $2.39 as of November 20, 2017. It may seem high, but Kansas ranks number 13 for the state with the lowest gas prices in America.

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